Free Camera Inspection

FREE Camera Inspection

There are several benefits to choosing a sewer camera inspection over a dig and search solution.

  • It takes the guesswork out of the equation while avoiding unnecessary measures such as digging up your yard.
  • Effectively pinpoints problems that can go unseen underground.
  • A low cost method for locating problem areas in sewage pipes.
  • Customers can see problem areas first hand without the need to dig.
  • Free Sewer Camera Inspection with a paid Sewer Line Repair, Water Line Repair or Installation.

How does it work?

An American Sewer Specialist locates an access point for the inspection. The specialist will then run a video line down the branch lines or down the sewer line of the home. At the very end of the line is a camera that allows you to see the sewage pipes up close and in detail. This gives an accurate view and a complete understanding of a pipe’s condition. When problem areas are discovered, our specialist will give an accurate diagnosis while explaining proper solutions. A detailed plan will then be created to fit your budgetary needs.

What problems the inspection can identify?

A video camera inspection can come in handy if your home experiences continued clogs, backups and slow drains. By running a camera down the sewage pipe, it allows our specialists to identify what is going on so we can take the most economical course of action.

By utilizing sewer camera inspection we can identify problems such as root intrusion, as well as pipes that are misaligned, broken, punctured, or corroded. Other more common problem areas can also be identified such as grease buildup, leaks and other obstructions. All of these problem areas can affect the flow rate and break down the pipe’s integrity. Luckily all of these problems can be easily identified and fixed.

A camera inspection can also come in handy before purchasing a home. This helps to ensure that the sewer lines are free of problems before you move in.

Our sewer camera inspection can be repeated after any service is performed to verify the line has been properly unclogged or repaired. Call us now to have your sewer lines video inspected! Sign-up for our service plan and receive the special benefits that come along with it!

* If we find an issue while inspecting your line(s), and you decide to have American Sewer address those issue(s), we will deduct the cost of the camera inspection from the required job to address your line(s) issues. Otherwise, camera inspection fees still apply.