Sewer Excavation & Repair

Sewer Excavation & Repair


A cracked or broken sewer pipe could be leaking harmful and toxic material into your yard and drinking water and you may not even know it. You may also experience reduced flow, flooding or pooling, and unpleasant smells. Without a properly functioning and safe sewer system, your home or business can become unlivable and dangerous for others.

Like any other part of your property that is used daily, the sewer line needs professional attention. Whether it is a repair, maintenance, or troubleshooting a mystery problem, you can rely on American Sewer Specialist LLC to handle sewer excavation in Westmoreland County, PA. Enlist our team’s help with sewer excavation because we are equipped to tackle the task at hand. Our experienced team can even assist you with sewer pipe lining in Greensburg, Latrobe, Ligonier, Irwin, Jeannette, Monroeville, Pittsburgh, and surrounding areas!


The sewer excavating process involves more than simply moving earth away from your sewer line. It also involves operating heavy machinery, much of which requires specialty certifications and experience. That’s why our technicians are excellent resources for any plumbing service that requires excavation or a clogged sewer line in Westmoreland County. Regardless of your sewer line’s needs, our staff will resolve any issues once the line itself is exposed.


Residential and commercial sewer lines alike need regular maintenance—and, at times, professional repairs. However, to access these below-ground systems, you’ll need help from a plumber that specializes in excavation. That’s where American Sewer Specialist comes in.

When you request assistance from our plumbers, we’ll arrive with all the equipment we need to expose your sewer line, making it accessible for essential repairs and maintenance. We work carefully, avoiding the possibility of damage, and we can handle any further work your sewer line needs.

If excavation is not an option for your property, we encourage you to ask about “zero dig,” or trenchless sewer repair services. Zero dig services offer freedom from invasive, time-consuming excavations, which are sometimes necessary for certain properties.

Contact our team right now to discuss your Greensburg sewer excavation needs with one of our team members. For your convenience, we serve families and businesses in Allegheny, Fayette County, Westmoreland County, and the surrounding communities.


Yes. We recommend having your sewer line or drain line inspected yearly to avoid a potential sewer issue. It is quite common for most homes to require maintenance, and without knowing what type and how often, your sewer line and drain lines can cause issues that could be much more costly. Not only can we find the specific issue, we also recommend maintenance plans and provide you with the knowledge about your sewer and drain lines.

Yes. In most cases, if your sewer line is broken or in need of repair and/or maintenance,  you as the homeowner or business owner is responsible. Our sewer line and drain line camera inspections not only identifies an issue or potential issue, it allows us to identify if sewer line or drain line needs cleaned before it causes a costly back up or leakage.

At American Sewer Specialist, we not only recommend different types of cleaning techniques, but we promise to offer you the most cost effective and proactive technique and maintenance plan that is right for you. We also provide foaming line cleaning and high pressure hydrojet (or hydro-jet) sewer line cleaning for your maintenance.