Water Line Excavation and Repair

Water Line Excavation and Repair


Excavation doesn’t have to be a messy or time-consuming process, especially when American Sewer Specialist LLC is on the job. In fact, our approach to hydro excavation in Latrobe, PA, has made us a go-to plumbing contractor for many local homeowners and businesses. That’s because we offer an affordable alternative to traditional water line excavation with trenchless tubing and installation services.

Save time, money, and energy on your next excavation project. Our hydro excavating services are great to have on your side when you’re installing or working on new Greensburg water line excavation. With our team on the job, you never have to worry about your landscaping or wonder whether guests are being inconvenienced by the construction. This is especially true when you trust your excavation to our polite and experienced professionals!


In the past, installing new piping was a process that involved moving large quantities of earth, often with many different types of machinery. Today, however, American Sewer Specialist LLC is proud to offer a tidier, faster alternative. Using a small, lightweight hydro drill, we bore below your property and perform the work you requested without disturbing the surface.

Hydro drills are excellent tools for accessing areas below features you’d rather not move. For example, if you’re proud of your property’s landscaping, you may want to consider opting for hydro drilling. Or, if you’re concerned about your business’s parking lot, sidewalks, or roads, hydro drilling is a minimally invasive excavation option. Best of all, the installation or maintenance process is shorter than ever.

Contact our plumbers to find out more about our approach to hydro excavation or request our assistance with your next project. We proudly serve families and businesses in Westmoreland, Allegheny, Fayette county, and surrounding areas.