Sewer Line Spot Repair

Sewer Line Spot Repair


If something goes wrong with your property’s sewer line, you might have other options instead of just replacing everything. Let American Sewer Specialist, LLC save you time and money with a sewer line spot repair. A sewer line locator in Pittsburgh, PA, will come to your property to find the line and determine if it can be repaired.

Unfortunately, not all sewer lines will benefit from spot repair. In some cases, the entire sewer line does need to be replaced. If this turns out to be the case for you, our team can provide residential and commercial sewer excavation in Westmoreland County, PA, and the surrounding counties.


There are many situations in which homeowners and businesses may prefer our Greensburg spot repair over traditional repairs or replacement. This is especially true when it comes to clients that care about accessibility. After all, our approach involves less public and traffic inconvenience. Not only that, it offers more in the way of durability, strength, and efficiency.


Over the course of time, the American Sewer Specialist, LLC team has honed its skills and refined its approach to trenchless and zero-digging sewer repair and sewer line repair. Our process reflects our decades of experience, as well as our commitment to keeping our services convenient and fast.

Cleaning: Before we begin repairing the damaged part of your sewer line, we remove any troublesome debris in the pipes with hydro-jetting.

Inspection: Next, we use a flexible camera to evaluate your sewer line’s pipes. This helps us pinpoint the damaged pipe’s location and assess its condition.

Mixing: Once our plumbers have mixed the resin that will be used to fill in pipe defects, we move on to the installation process, which normally takes around 30 minutes.

Installation: Using the sewer line camera, our plumbers position the bladder around the damaged pipe area and pressurize it.

Finishing: Finally, we deflate the bladder, withdraw it, and leave you with a strong liner that is both water and chemical-resistant.

Contact our plumbing crew by calling (724) 897-8130 for all your sewer needs from a spot repair to septic tank maintenance in Pittsburgh, PA. You can rely on us for reinforcement with all things related to sewer lines because we serve residential and commercial clients in the surrounding areas.