Essential Pipe Lining Installation and Repair Equipment

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Essential Pipe Lining Installation and Repair Equipment

Zero dig lining and trenchless sewer repair are two standard pipe restoration processes that improve your sewerage or water piping systems. You can use these methods to repair worn-out pipes due to rust or physical impact. The techniques are superior to the conventional sewer line or water line excavations. In addition, these methods prevent environmental damage because they don’t allow the digging up of pipe systems and the destruction of lawns, driveways, or parking lots.

To perform any zero dig lining or sewer pipe lining, you’ll need top-tier plumbing equipment for high-quality work. This post presents to you some of the must-have equipment that you’ll need to stay competitive in your work.

Inspection Video Cameras

In the past, you had to physically expose underground pipe and sewer systems to discover their problems. But now, you can use camera inspection to observe the interiors of your piping or sewer systems while they’re intact. This non-invasive process reduces labor needs and prevents the chances of causing more damage to your sewer or pipelines.

These cameras have visual display units connected to optic cables. These can be fed along the pipeline to take and relay pictures to your display unit. The camera has a locator that shows how it works its way through your piping system. You can zoom in to make precise observations, and even take videos for future reference.

Water Jetting Equipment

In some cases, leakages and blockages in your sewer or pipeline may be a result of temporary clogging or minor cracks. As such, you will not need to do any trenchless repair or zero dig lining for your entire pipe systems. In case of a blockage, all you may need is a powerful water jetting equipment to drive a high-pressure stream of scalding water through your pipe or sewer line to clear it. The water jets clear up dirt buildup and any clogging solid matter to make your systems functional again.

Pulling Units

You’ll have to drag the reinforced pipe sleeve through the pipe that needs repair for zero dig lining. You’ll also need to drag a new tube through a damaged pipe to conduct a trenchless repair process. For these processes, you’ll need a reliable and robust pulling system. The device helps in bursting damaged sewer lines and pipes to give way to new pipelines and lining that haven’t collapsed or gotten compromised.

Inversion Machine

In zero dig lining, flexible tubes with resin coating get pulled through damaged pipes and inflated before they can settle in as the new pipelining. The inversion machine uses either air or water to create pressure on the flexible tube so that it gives the lining some shape resembling the pipe that it’s supposed to line. Once hardened, the new coating creates the inner surface of your reinstated piping. Inversion machines are essential in pipe re-lining.

Directional Boring Equipment

These are non-invasive machines used to drill controlled new entry points for new piping systems. The equipment provides a non-invasive, zero damage option to conventional sewer line or water pipe repair options.

Pipe Liners and Resin

Liner tubes are the material coated with resin to create cured-in-place pipe systems. The liner tubes are flexible, and they can get used in piping systems with big bends. These tubes come in varying diameters. The resin is the coating material used on the liner tubes to create a hardened pipe surface after successful curing.

Wastewater handling facilities in America process an estimated 34 billion gallons of wastewater per day. All this water passes through piping systems that experience significant wear and tear with time. The trenchless sewer repair and zero dig lining methods are a popular way to restore the damaged water pipe and sewer line systems.

Zero dig methods are non-invasive and they reduce environmental damage. They also quicken your repair process and cut down labor and cleanup costs. To use these repair methods well, you’ll need all the cited equipment and materials. Visit your nearest plumbing retailer to get this equipment for a perfect repair job. Or better yet, call in the experts to perform necessary maintenance and repairs to provide high-quality results and peace of mind.

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