What Are the Benefits of Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement?

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What Are the Benefits of Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement?

On average, about 20% of residential homes in the United States use septic tanks to dispose of their sewage. The rest, about 80%, are served by treatment plants that belong to municipal water. Whether served by a municipality or using a septic tank, there is a chance your sewer line will clog one day. In such a situation, it’s hard for a home to function as needed.

Of course, it’s not as simple as swapping out old lines for new ones. Replacing sewer lines that are clogged could lead to major disturbances in the area. Some people could be forced to relocate. The entire home can experience problems when digging out pipes and replacing them with new ones. However, sewer lining repair is a new sewer repair technology that does not involve digging. If your sewer line has broken in recent times, here are some of the reasons why you should consider the sewer lining repair strategy.

1. No Digging

Traditionally, the earth would have been excavated and trenches would be dug around the compound to get out broken pipes while replacing them with the new pipes. The entire process destroyed landscapes while at the same time damaging buildings. However, sewer lining repair does not involve any form of digging. Trenchless sewer repair prevents any form of digging and preserves the earth in its original state. Landscapes and buildings are not disturbed with this method.

2. Cost-Friendliness

Sewer line repair has remained to be one of the most expensive plumbing activities for several years. There is a lot of digging and covering of trenches required after replacing the broken pipes. This makes the cost of sewer repair unbearable, especially to low-income residential homes. However, sewer lining technology has brought the cost to affordable levels. There is less labor needed, which means fewer labor expenses. Additionally, homeowners don’t have to restore structures and landscapes.

3. High-Flow Efficiency

One of the major problems facing sewer repair is that the efficiency of the entire system is compromised. This leads to a situation where the entire sewer line is not as efficient as it was originally. In most cases, a reversal of the sewer is highly expected. However, sewer lining is more efficient than the original pipe replacement. It improves the efficiency of the entire flow, which is something that is not easy to achieve.

4. Suitable for Historic Buildings

Pipes can be blocked in any building, whether old or new. It becomes complicated to repair pipes in an old building that is preserved for historical purposes. For example, using traditional sewer pipe lining to repair a damaged pipe in a museum could end up destroying the structure, which is a historical building. However, trenchless sewer repair Greensburg homeowners rely on is less intrusive and does not damage the structure. It is a useful technology that can be used to repair those buildings that need to be preserved for historical purposes.

5. Environmentally Friendly

Environmental friendliness has been brought about in any activity that is being carried out in the world today. Sewer line replacement is one of the plumbing activities that have been having significant effects on the environment. The destruction of nearby trees, buildings, soil structure, and even exposing living organisms to the sun destabilizes the surrounding environment. However, sewer lining technology has the most minimum disturbances in the soil. It is an environmentally friendly strategy that is currently acceptable across the board.

6. Time Efficiency

Trenchless sewer lining is less time-consuming. The fact that there is less labor and everything is done using advanced technology means that only a short period is used to replace broken pipes. Where traditional digging could take a week to replace a single broken line, replacing an entire sewer line can take less than a day.

As you can see, sewer lining is a simple and efficient process that takes a minimum period to repair a broken line without interfering with the soil. If you are looking for trenchless sewer replacement, contact American Sewer Specialists today for efficient and professional sewer replacement.

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