Why You Should Consider Camera Service in Sewer Line Repair

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Why You Should Consider Camera Service in Sewer Line Repair

Sewer lines are located several feet below the surface of the land. Locating the lines so deep is important because it offers protection against mechanical damage from moving objects, but it creates a major problem when it comes to spot repairs. Technicians have to dig deep and try to get to the problem area, which is not only expensive but time-consuming.

Camera service and line locating have brought another dimension in the sewer pipe lining. Instead of digging deep and guessing the location of the leak, camera service and line locating does that in a seamless process. If you intend to repair your leaking pipe, here are some of the reasons why you should consider camera inspection.

1. Remove the Guesswork

As highlighted earlier, technicians have to dig deep and try to locate the position of the leak. The whole process involves digging various areas without solid reasons. Everything seems to be done through guesswork, which takes much time and resources. However, camera service and line locating removes all the guesswork and pinpoints the source of the leak without problems. The aspect of removing guesswork eliminates resource and time wasting.

2. Quick Waste Removal

One of the major problems that many commercial owners experience in their premises is accumulated waste in blocked sewer lines. Camera service and line locating help in discovering the blocked areas and allowing quick waste removal before the accumulated waste can start releasing the foul smell. Current studies show that wastewater treatment facilities release more than 34 billion gallons of untreated waste every day. Therefore, this waste must be removed quickly before it becomes a problem for the residents.

3. Time-Saving

As a property owner, you already know that sewer line technicians can spend the whole day in your premises trying to find out the source of the leak in vein. This waste of time is facilitated by the lack of the right equipment and tools. However, camera inspections deal with the problem quickly and efficiently. Plumbers will locate the leak immediately and provide the necessary solution. With camera service and line locating, it is possible to diagnose and repair leaks in less than two hours.

4. Diagnoses Multiple Problems

Diagnosing multiple problems in your sewer line is an attractive option because it helps you to save money and time. Camera services are very useful in detecting several problems that could be hampering the efficiency of your sewer system. Some of the common problems that you can diagnose using a camera system include foreign objects, broken pipes, and blocked pipes. The fact that you get to realize these problems in real-time allows you to provide the necessary solution immediately.

5. Non-Invasive Procedures

Less digging in water line excavation is becoming a norm in the plumbing sector. Many technicians want to implement environmentally sustainable practices in sewer location and repair. By limiting the amount of soil dug from the ground, they are maintaining a good soil structure and less groundwork after sewer repairs. Camera service and line locating is playing a major role in this practice. Cameras allow for quick and accurate diagnosis of the problem, which means that only the area with leaks will be dug out.

6. Less Costly

You may have a perception that camera services are more expensive than manual pipe repair services simply because they are using innovative ideas. However, this is not the case. The quick diagnosis and repair time means that the cost of sewer repair significantly goes down. Additionally, when camera services are used, only a few of technicians are needed, which reduces the amount of money you have to pay for labor services.

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