Why Consider Trenchless Sewer Pipe Lining Repair?

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Why Consider Trenchless Sewer Pipe Lining Repair?

No one’s idea of a fun Friday night is sitting in, contemplating the state of their sewer pipe lining. However, without a little bit of worry and attention, you may end up letting a damaged or leaking pipe go for too long. This could result in the kind of damage that can be a homeowner’s nightmare, not to mention that could really ruin a Friday night.

So, if there are symptoms that lead you to suspect sewer repairs may be in your future, a disturbing sewer odor, an overflowing toilet, or slow draining water, you should call a plumber for a camera inspection to diagnose the trouble right away. Then, if your suspicions are confirmed, it’s time to consider what kind of sewer pipe lining repair you’d like to pursue.

Zero dig lining, or trenchless sewer repair, is a method of sewer pipe lining repair that all homeowners should consider. With the use of Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP) solutions, trenchless repairs eliminate the hassle of large and costly digging excavations, and can usually be completed quickly, within hours!

It may be that traditional sewer excavation and repair seems upfront more like the simplest option, and can even be initially quoted as cheaper, but not all is at it appears. During trenchless sewer repair the broken or rusted pipe is cleaned, and then with an injection of epoxy liner the pipe this sealed. This basically means that you now have a brand-new pipe, often guaranteed to last at least 50 years, inside your old pipe. With trenchless sewer repairs there’s also the added bonus of no one having to dig up your landscaping or, even worse, your driveway.

Which leads to taking into consideration the hidden costs of traditional sewer pipe lining repair. Many times, the initial quote doesn’t always include the actual cost of digging up the old pipe, and things can get more complicated if there are large or heavy obstacles in the way of the pipe excavation. In addition, once the sewer pipe repair is complete, landscaping or driveway paving costs can add up quickly.

Whichever method of sewer pipe lining repair you choose, don’t hesitate to call your plumber at the first signs of potential trouble. Because no one needs a nightmare or a ruined Friday night!

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