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Welcome to Our Blog

When you are looking for a plumber who can assist you with a variety of services, you need to turn to American Sewer Specialist because our team is ready to tackle the hard jobs. We have been helping the community for more than 20 years by delivering exceptional plumbing services in a time of need. Take a look at the list below to learn more about the services we provide.

Sewer Excavation- Most people don’t realize that when it comes to the sewer line, it may need maintenance or repairs like any other part of your home or business. Our team can repair and maintain the sewer line for you.

Zero Dig Sewer Lines- When the traditional excavation will not work, our team has experience with this non-invasive practice.

Line Locating- Digging up sewer and water lines can be tricky if you do not know where the pipes are located. Trust our team to find and dig in the correct place when you need plumbing services in Westmoreland County and the surrounding areas.

Drain Cleaning- Clogged drains become a significant issue for residential and commercial property owners. Our team can be at your location quickly for drain cleaning.

Don’t wait when there is a plumbing emergency, just give our team a call at (724) 879-8130 right now.