Water Line Excavation: 3 Potential Causes

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Water Line Excavation: 3 Potential Causes

There are a number of pipes and lines running under your home’s property. While most people associate line locating with sewer repair, your water supply line also may need attention; though both sewer lines and water lines can cause a lot of damage if something has gone wrong, the evidence of each is quite different. If you’re dealing with the following problems, you may be facing water line excavation.

  • Low Pressure: In many cases, water line excavation needs to be performed in order to replace old lines; low water pressure can be an indication of this. Whether you’ve always experienced low pressure, have noticed it getting worse over time, or have made a new water-hungry installation, small diameter water lines — especially if it’s the main line — and clogs can present problems throughout the home. Replacing the meter and the entire line with new pipes will fix most pressure issues and guarantee that your home is not wasting water or money.
  • Loss of Pressure: A sudden change in pressure usually indicates a leak in your main pipe, especially if your water meter and bill show a constant or even increased use of water. Depending on how large the leak is, you may also experience the following symptom. Since leaks are inherently problematic, you’ll to get your line excavated and repaired (or replaced) to prevent any exacerbated issues.
  • Flooding: There are several causes of flood, included corroded pipes, root damage, and seasonal problems (such as frozen pipes). The source of the leak can be identified based on where the flooding originated. The difference between street flooding, backyard flooding, and basement flooding also helps determine the cost of repair.

Water pipes describe any pipe or tube that is specifically designed to transport treated drinking water to consumers. Because a clean water supply is so essential to our health, water line excavations guarantee that our drinking water is safe to ingest in the event that a problem has arisen. If you’ve noticed the above issues in your life, it may be time to consult a professional to see if your water lines need to excavated.

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