Trenchless Pipe Repairs: What Are the Benefits?

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Trenchless Pipe Repairs: What Are the Benefits?

Putting off repair of a clogged sewer lining, could be one of the worst decisions you ever made. The clog could lead to accumulation of sewage waste that could lead up to your house. This build-up could create a very smelly and unhealthy situation for your home. But, understandably, repairing, or replacing sewer lines is not an easy task. Considering cleaning up the huge mess made when repairing sewer lines and the extensive labor cost, it’s very easy to do away with the entire idea of repairing your sewer lines.

Benefits of Trenchless Sewer Repairs

Luckily, you don’t have to go through the entire mess of digging trenches and pay dearly for sewer lining repairs. With trenchless sewer repairs, you can have all of your sewer problems solved quickly and efficiently without ruining your backyard. Here are a few reasons why you should settle for trenchless sewer repairs.

1. Faster than Conventional Repairs

With trenchless sewer repairs, you don’t have to spend days digging trenches. Instead, the repairer utilizes pipe lining or pipe bursting techniques to ensure that the work is completed in less than a week. Within this short time, you’ll have your sewer pipe lining repaired or replaced, plus you won’t have to have a repair crew on your yard for several weeks.

2. Employs Higher Quality Piping Materials

If it’s trenchless sewer repairs, think smooth polythene lining or cured-in-place liners which have a clear advantage over traditional piping systems. These types of lining eliminate the need for joints, which helps avoid leakages. You also don’t have to worry about invasive trees, offset piping or cracks which may pose serious problems after installing your sewer systems. What’s more, these pipe linings are less corrosive and more resistant to adverse weather conditions than conventional sewer linings. They are also easier to install and won’t need repairs long after installation.

3. Environmentally Friendly

As more and more people are adopting greener lifestyles, it makes sense to settle for a sewer repair solution that is environmentally conscious. Trenchless sewer repairs do not offset any ecological balance, unlike the traditional approach that involves displacing plants and small organisms that form an important part of our ecosystem. Trenchless sewer repairs only need small holes dug on the ground, which cause little to no disruption to life under or on the soil.

4. Less messy

What puts many people off from undertaking sewer line repairs is the heavy mess during and after the repair operations, especially if they own beautifully landscaped properties. Improving and landscaping yards after conventional sewer repairs can cost thousands, further adding to the overall cost of repairs. When you opt for trenchless sewer repairs, you’ll only get two small holes in your yard for the pipelining to be installed, usually at the start and end of the pipes. These two holes will prevent any huge scars on your property and save you a lot of on lawn repair. This is one of the things we love most about cure-in-place (CIPP) lining. A cure-in-place pipe (CIPP) a trenchless repair method used to rehabilitate existing pipelines. It’s a jointless, seamless, and has the ability to repair pipes ranging in diameter from two to 110 inches.

5. Long-Lasting

You’ll have to wait for a long time before your next repair or replacement when you settle for trenchless sewer repairs. You’ll have a cheaper, safer, and a more environmentally conscious solution that will save you on further repairs and maintenance costs, sometimes even for half a century. So you’ll have a double deal in terms of repair and maintenance costs and installation costs.

6. Improve Flow of Sewer Materials

When you compare a sewer pipe to a water pipe, a water pipe transports treated water to consumers, while a sewer pipe transports waste from households. Since waste is a collection of sludge and debris, achieving optimum flow is rarely achieved in normal PVC, clay or iron pipes. With CIPP from trenchless sewer repairs, you get solid but flexible pipes that make sewage flow seamlessly for cleaning and recycling.

Trenchless sewer repair could save you hundreds to thousands of dollars, so whenever you need any sewer repair or replacement, you know what to settle for. Feel free to contact us today to get your sewer repaired or replaced the trenchless way.

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