The 6 Advantages of Trenchless Sewer Repair

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The 6 Advantages of Trenchless Sewer Repair

Sewer line inspection may seem like a normal strategy of checking whether your sewer line is working as expected. Advancement in technology over the last few years have been rife, which means that sewer line inspection is no longer a simple undertaking but a complex technical aspect that involves state of the art equipment and technology.

For a longer period, people have viewed a water pipe as a simple pipe that is just used to connect water to the consumers. However, trenchless pipe repair has changed the role perception, and people can now appreciate the role of technology in plumbing. One of the new technologies in plumbing is a trenchless sewer line inspection. Some of the benefits of trenchless sewer line inspection will be discussed below.

No Land Excavation

Most of the sewer inspection and repair activities involve sewer excavation where the land has to be excavated. However, trenchless technology is changing this technique, and land does not have to be destroyed. It is now easy to detect the leaking pipe and solve the problem without excavating the land. This means that there is no destruction of the environment, and more so, there is no destruction of the soil. Maintaining soil in its original state is an important aspect that needs to be observed so that the soil can remain productive.

Less Time Taken

Traditional sewer lining took a longer period to perform all the necessary activities and leave the line working. It could take even more than a day, which means the sewer would not be working for a longer period. However, with spot repair, it only takes some few hours, sometimes less than one hour. This means that considerable time is saved, which can be spent on other activities.

Less Money Involved

There are those homeowners who have a feeling that hiring advanced technology for their plumbing work could result in higher charges. That is not true. Trenchless plumbing is not expensive. It might be incorporating one of the most advanced technologies in determining the sources of the problems in the plumbing systems and providing an alternative solution quickly, but it is not expensive. It does not involve land excavation, which means that it does not need heavy machinery and therefore, less expensive.

Less Labor Needed

Sewer line inspection is always a complex task that involves digging and removing all the soil. It does not end there. All the soil that has been dug out of the trenches must be returned and the entire trench covered. That is difficult and very time-consuming. It would take the effort of more than three technicians to dig the trenches, solve the problem, and then return the soil. However, trenchless sewer repair doesn’t have to do with any of that. Just use the cameras to detect the problem and solve it without digging.

Long Lasting

As a homeowner, all you want is to solve the leaking problems in one of the sewer lines, and then you can enjoy the benefits of a working plumbing system. However, it will be a bonus if the repairs are done can last for a longer period. Trenchless sewer repair Greensburg does not use the common plastics and metals used by the traditional plumbing systems. It uses Perma-liner and epoxy resin, which are longer lasting. You can be sure that your plumbing systems will stay for an extended period without showing any signs of weakness.

Environmentally Friendly

Everything that has some ‘green’ and sustainability aspects is attracting huge attention in the modern world. People want to use systems that respect and preserve the surroundings for future generations. Trenchless plumbing is environmentally friendly as it does not involve digging large pieces of land and hence interfering with the plants. Just a few holes and everything will be professionally done. You don’t have to destroy the ecological surrounding of some living organisms when there is advanced technology that can help avoid that.

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