Struggling with Home Flooding? Consider Installing a French Drain

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Struggling with Home Flooding? Consider Installing a French Drain

Plumbing has been around since 3000 B.C. when the Indus River civilization started using earthen pipes to move water and remove waste. Thankfully, plumbing has come a long way since those early days, and we now have a myriad of solutions when it comes to both home and commercial plumbing.

If you have issues on your property with water drainage, french drain installation may be the solution for you. French drains are fairly straightforward and are usually constructed with a pipe running underground that helps move the rainwater away from your home too low lying areas where it can’t damage your basement or foundations.

How French Drains Work

A french drain is usually constructed using a wide perforated pipe that is buried underground. To encourage the water to flow into the pipe, gravel is often laid on top of the pipe. This is because gravel is easier for water to penetrate than hard-packed soil. It’s important not to try and undertake the installation yourself as professional line locating can help avoid damage to sewer lines. A professional will be able to install a french drain while avoiding the mainlines that run from under your home.

Who Benefits from French Drains

French drains can benefit homeowners who have drainage issues on their property. If water is allowed to build up and flood near your home, it could seep into foundations and cause damage. If you have a basement, leaks and flooding could become an issue, especially if the problem is left alone for too long. The properties that can benefit most include:

  • Homes that are prone to standing water after rainstorms.
  • Homes that have issues with basement flooding.
  • If your property includes a retaining wall that is on a hillside.

The Main Benefits of French Drains

If standing water and flooding is an issue on your property, french drains can offer a couple significant benefits including:

  • Because they contain no moving parts or complex components, they are less likely to stop working or break when you need them most.
  • If installed correctly by a professional, french drains can last anywhere from 30 to 40 years.
  • French drains can increase property value and mitigate the risk of damage to your home.

If you’re struggling to deal with excessive water ponding near your home, french drains can be an incredible asset to have. Don’t wait until it’s too late! Contact a plumbing expert near you and help protect the integrity of your home for decades to come.

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