Four Benefits of Zero Dig Sewer Lining

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Four Benefits of Zero Dig Sewer Lining

CIPP (cured in place pipe) is a long-lasting sewer lining solution that can provide peace of mind for at least 50 years. Depending on your situation, zero-dig sewer linings can be an extremely valuable investment.

A typical trenched sewer line replacement can cost tens of thousands of dollars. If your sewer line runs under a major street, the costs for replacement can be astronomical, because the city street has to be dug up, flaggers have to be hired and it’s not an ideal situation for you as a home owner. With this in mind, let’s take a look at many of the benefits of zero-dig sewer line reinforcement.

What Exactly is “Zero Dig” Lining?

CIPP (e.g. “zero dig”) lining is a reinforced pipe sleeve that slides into your main sewer line. This “sleeve” cures and hardens while it’s inside the existing line. This prevents the need to dig up your lawn, it saves money and prevents expensive repairs from a damaged line down the road.

Benefits of Zero Dig Lining

There are several benefits to trenchless/zero-dig lining. One, which we’ve touched on already, is the potential long-term savings. Especially if you live on a busy street, the lining could end up saving you tens of thousands of dollars.

The linings are also installed faster and more cheaply than traditional trenching repairs. Trenchless sewer repairs are safer for the team completing the work, and they’re safer for your home. There’s no risk of disturbing asbestos, or hitting any existing utility lines.

CIPP lines are extremely durable. They’re guaranteed by us for at least 50 years, so you will likely never have to worry about your sewer line again.

The durable linings can fix pretty much any sewer-related problem. While you may have been able to clear backups with hydrojet or snakes, the sleeve can mitigate and repair many more serious issues, like offsets, root penetration, pipe fractures and cracking and corrosion.

Sewer Line Considerations

Before calling us to see if your sewer line could benefit from zero-dig lining, there are a couple of things you will need to consider. The first, is that you will need a sewer scope to make sure that your line isn’t too damaged. If this is the case, the trenchless repair will not work.

You may also need to clean your main sewer line before the sewer scope. This will ensure that the scope technician can get a clear look at your line to check for damage. Hydrojet or snake cleanings are the main options. Each has their own benefits and considerations. Hydrojet (high-pressure water cleaning) is often a more effective, damage-free way to clean out your main sewer lines. However, the primary concern is having the lines cleaned so the pipes can be inspected accurately.

If you think it’s time to consider a zero-dig lining for your sewer system, give us a call!

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