Do You Need Sewer Repairs? 7 Signs That You Do

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Do You Need Sewer Repairs? 7 Signs That You Do

There are a lot of homeowners across the United States who like to try to handle their plumbing issues on their own. This is fine for some problems encountered around the house. One issue that may seem easy to fix, but really is not, is a drain that is sluggish. This can often be a sign that not only do you need to have sewer repairs done but you may need to have a sewer line inspection and you may need to have it replaced.

When it comes to many problems that pop up around the home, if you find you need sewer repairs when the problem is small, it will take a lot less time, effort, and money to complete the work. Here are some signs your sewer lines are in need of some help:

  1. You notice the water level is not consistent in your toilet. If you find that in the morning, your toilet bowl has next to no water in it and by the night, the bowl is almost overflowing, you may have a problem with your sewer lines. This may be an indication that there is a clog somewhere in your plumbing system. If left alone, this can cause some serious issues like backups.
  2. You notice animals are suddenly flocking to your property. If you see that a lot more rodents are interested in your home and yard, it can be an indication that you have problems and need some sewer repairs to be done. The animals may be attracted to an odor that is coming from a break in your pipes.
  3. You can smell something nasty in your yard. One true sign of a problem with your sewer lines is a foul smell in your yard or inside your home. If you smell something really bad, you need to get a plumber in to take a look as soon as possible. A bad smell is not a good sign.
  4. Your yard starts to turn into a swamp. If your yard starts to become very muddly and all too wet, you may have an issue with your sewer system. One cause of the sogginess can be a leak from your sewer lines. This is also an indication that you need help from a professional plumber right away. These problems never go away on their own and can be the cause of other serious problems.
  5. Your drains are suddenly really sluggish. Slow moving drains are signs that something is amiss with your plumbing system. It may be tempting to go out and buy drain cleaners that claim to clean out pipes after being poured down a drain but these have very caustic chemicals that can also damage your pipes. You will be better served by bringing in a professional to check things out.
  6. Your pipes start talking to you. If your system has something to say when you flush a toilet or drain your tub, you need to do some talking yourself but to a qualified plumbing company. This chatter can mean you need to have sewer repairs done.
  7. Your water bill starts to grow and grow. When your water bills start to go up and up without any change in the amount of water you use, you may have a leak that needs attention from a professional plumber. This may be one of the problems that catches your eye sooner than later because no one likes to pay more on their utility bills than they have to. It is worth noting that if there is a leak and you handle it, you may be able to get a refund from your utility company. It is, at the very least worth asking.

The good news about sewer repairs today is that they are not as complicated as they once were. Even the inspections are easier. Most plumbers use camera inspections to see what problems are lurking in a plumbing system. This s a much easier and less stressful way to see inside your plumbing system to find problems.

Another great advancement in the world of sewer repair is the advent of trenchless sewer repairs. These repairs can be finished in just a few hours and do a lot less damage to your landscaping.

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