Benefits of Trenchless Sewer Repair

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Benefits of Trenchless Sewer Repair

A trenchless sewer line is a replacement for your existing sewer. But unlike traditional methods, a trenchless sewer line uses few trenches or no trenches at all. This technology is commonly used in the construction and industrial works, but now it’s also popular in home backyards to manage sewer drainage systems.

However, since drainage systems are used daily, they may eventually require professional attention. Broken, corroded, and cracked pipes are common in a sewer line. Therefore, trenchless sewer repair is significant as it helps solve such problems.

Trenchless sewer repair is different from repairing traditional sewer pipes, as the method uses no-dig technology to fix the sewer pipes. If you need to have your sewer fixed, it may help to learn about the advantages of trenchless sewer repair.

1. Limited Destruction

Most homeowners usually dread sewer repairs because they imagine the total destruction of their beautiful backyard gardens, driveway, and sidewalks. However, with zero dig lining technology, your sewer pipes will be repaired without opening up your whole backyard.

These spot repairs ensure that only one point is disturbed; after the repair, the ground will be fully covered. Sewer pipe lining is done using sizable machines, which will not ruin your ground.

If your water waste is not being treated in the right way, you need to repair your septic tank. You don’t need to worry about contactors coming with big machines to tear up your backyard, as septic tank repairs are also done using this technology. This allows the repair to be done at only the intended spot. Thus, trenchless sewer repair is cleaner than traditional sewer repair services.

2. Time Efficient

Gone are the days when sewer repair used to take a whole month to be completed. Today, sewer repair services are done within a week. Since no trench is being dug, the work is usually done faster. You will get back your daily activities without delay.

Most people appreciate trenchless sewer repair because it provides solutions within fewer days or even hours. Trenchless sewer lines use cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) solutions. These CIPP applications can typically be completed in a mere matter of hours, and eliminate large-scale, costly digging from the repair equation.

Going for a month without a proper sewer line was stressful, so having the trenchless technology has benefited many people. Sewer lining repairs cracked pipes without having to replace your sewer lines entirely. The only work being done is digging just one access hole, which is why the process is faster.

3. Added Durability

The technology behind all types of trenchless sewer repair guarantees durability. The spot repairs ensure that the pipe lining used does not crack again. This procedure will be long-lasting, so you won’t have to obtain further sewer repair service for quite some time.

4. High-Quality Results

Sewer pipe lining uses a pipe liner that has a flexible tube coated with resin, which is blown into the cracked or broken pipe. The pipe will then be fully covered at the broken point. Resin is a high-quality organic substance that hardens, and thus it creates a pipe within a pipe. The substance is not soluble in water, meaning it effectively sticks on the cracked point.

Moreover, it creates a point that is corrosion resistant. This means that trenchless sewer repair is of high-quality due to the materials and the procedure used. Therefore, they will not rust, and in turn, giving you high-quality services.

5. Improved Sewer Function

The materials used in a trenchless sewer repair are effective — and, in turn, they improve the sewer functionality. They increase the flow capacity of the waste and water from the house. Pair this repair procedure with a hydrojet system to clean drains. French drains also help in cleaning your drainage system. If you receive trenchless sewer repair services, you need to have cleaning solutions for your drains to ensure that no dirt messes up with the normal functioning of your pipes.

Sewer pipe lining services are vital for residential and commercial areas. Read this guide to understand the advantages of trenchless sewer repair.

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