Basement Blues: 3 Signs You Need A Sump Pump

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Basement Blues: 3 Signs You Need A Sump Pump

Caring for a home is hard enough without having to worry about major problems. There are a number of things that can go wrong, from broken appliances to faulty electrical systems, but none are quite so frustrating as flooded basements; not only is the cost to remove the water extremely expensive, but you’ll almost definitely end up throwing out all the items that sat in it for god only knows how long. Add in the risk of mold, and you’re facing a hefty bill.

Fortunately, you have a friend in the form of sump pumps. These devices are installed for two reasons: because your basement is located in an area where frequent flooding may be a problem, or the water table is equal to or above the home’s foundation. Let’s take a look at some of the signs that may tell you it’s time to install a sump pump.

  • You live in an area that experiences a lot of water or snow annually. Mother Nature can be aggressive and intense, causing more problems than you may be equipped to deal with. Because melting snow and heavy rains will collect in your basement before going anywhere else, sump pumps can ensure yours doesn’t flood.
  • Your home is in a low-lying area. Thanks to gravity, water collects at the lowest point. If that is where your home naturally sits, you could end up facing multiple water problems; if you live in a flat area surrounded by soil, you may also be at risk for water damage.
  • You just finished your basement. Finished basements are a luxury, and one that should be protected. Since you’ve just invested quite a bit of money into the project, it only makes sense that you include a sump pump to make sure you’re prepared for whatever water-related accidents may occur.

Sump pumps can offer an extra line of defense against basement flooding. By pumping unwanted water up, out of, and away from your home’s basement, you won’t need to worry about incurring costly water damage.

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