5 Not-So-Obvious Signs Your Sewer Line Needs Repair

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5 Not-So-Obvious Signs Your Sewer Line Needs Repair

It can be easy or difficult to identify plumbing issues depending on the signs your sewer line sends you. Obvious signs of a plumbing problem are clogged drains and water that won’t run.

But what about plumbing issues like cracked sewer lines that don’t give out signs that are quite as noticeable?

Uncommon signs your sewer line needs to be repaired

When it comes to plumbing problems, not all signs are easily noticeable. Here are some of the less obvious signs your sewer line may be damaged so you know what to look for:

  • Slow draining. Slow draining is one of the more obvious signs of a plumbing problem, but it might not be noticeable right away that the issue is with your sewer line. After all, the problem in many cases is a hair clog. But, you might be facing a sewer lining issue if the draining impacts more than one room or area.
  • Smell. An unusual smell coming from outside the house, bathroom, or basement could be a sign of a sewer lining issue. If you can’t find another source for the smell, you may want to call a professional for a drain inspection.
  • Mold. The presence of mold can be tricky because it isn’t always caused by sewer lining issues. Rain damage, malfunctioning HVAC systems, and poor insulation can also cause mold. If these issues aren’t the cause of your mold and mildew problems, you may have a sewage issue on your hands.
  • Low water levels. Have you noticed that the water level in your toilet is often fluctuating? This could be a sign of sewer line damage due to a leak or clog. Your plumber may need to conduct a camera inspection to figure out the problem.
  • Cracks. Cracks in your foundation, ceiling, or walls could also be a sign that you have sewer line damage. The ceiling may be the last place you’d expect to find a sign of a plumbing issue, but these cracks can form due to structural issues caused by sewer line damage.

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