Septic Tank Treasures: 6 Wacky Discoveries Found During Tank Cleanings

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Septic Tank Treasures: 6 Wacky Discoveries Found During Tank Cleanings

I guess the old saying is true: humans really will flush anything! An estimated 20% of the American public relies on septic tanks to dispose of their sewage. While the other 80% may rest with peace of mind knowing that their waste is being whisked away to treatment plants (and that their CIPP sections will last for at least five decades), septic tank owners aren’t so lucky; their system needs to be cleaned routinely, and since it is a literal holding tank for solid waste and effluent, things that were never meant to be flushed are unearthed. Let’s take a look at six of the weirdest things that have been found during septic tank cleanings.

  • Jewelry: Jewelry is extraordinarily small and slippery, and (unfortunately) very good at getting away from you. Take care when putting on necklaces and earrings near tubs, toilets, and sinks; if it can fit down your drain, it’s going to wind up in your tank.
  • Dentures: We’ll admit, this one sounds more difficult than a delicate piece of jewelry slipping down the drain, but we guess it depends on the drain. Again, if it fits, it slips!
  • Toys: Toddlers love to put their toys where toys don’t belong. If they accidentally end up flushing before you can rush to the rescue, that old action figure or toy car is going to end up where the sun don’t shine.
  • Fast food packaging: We all love McDonald’s but honestly, clogging your drains or septic tank because you don’t want to find a garbage can is not worth the risk.
  • Mobile phones: We’ve all experienced the terror of dropping our phone in the toilet. Most of us, however, don’t decide to flush our losses! Rather than take the risk, resist the urge to be on your phone 24/7 and leave it outside the bathroom.
  • Tree roots: They may not sound very exciting, but you’ll be caring a heck of a lot more about tree roots in your tank when you’re forced to pay for septic tank repairs.

Whether something wacky was found during the initial camera inspections, or was uncovered during the actual process, septic tank cleanings can offer more entertainment than you might imagine — and not always in a good way. Try to resist the urge to flush anything that isn’t supposed to be flushed, and you’ll never have to worry.

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